339 Squadron - Air Tattoo 2016

® Aviation Project designed the paint scheme for Hellenic Air Force 339 Squadron F-4E AUP Phantom II wing tanks. This was a special paint scheme for the participation of 339 Squadron in Air Tattoo 2016 air show. We are proud to present photos of the making off process under the license of Hellenic Air Force.



Step by step photos of the making off process. Copyright © Hellenic Air Force 2016



Wing tanks preview design. Copyright © Aviation Project 2016


The serial number of the F-4E AUP Phantom II aircraft was 71755 and 01504. The painting process was a hybrid combination of stencils and design projection as shown in the above photos.




® Aviation Project handled not only the paint scheme but also the full series of anniversary merchandise (patches, keyrings etc).



Copyright © Aviation Project 2016




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